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Organizational Structure & Management – Progressive

Organizational Structure & Management

Administrative Structure:

The structure of the organization is constituted by the General body consisting 21 members, which the supreme policy making body. An executive by the General Body is responsible for the sound management of the organization through appointed officials and co-workers. President is the head of the organization. However, an advisory council patronizes the Executive Body.             

PROGRESSIVE has 3 Council- the General Council (GC), the Advisory Council (AC) and the Executive Council (EC).

The General Council (GC):

The General Council is consisting of 21 members. The supreme management authority of the organization is vested with thru General Council. All the members are taken the respective community considering their background and attitude. The GC has supreme power in overall respect of the organization; it forms EC by direct casting vote and or selecting process and provides responsibilities of project implementation, collecting, funds, appointing staff to the EC.

The Executive Council (EC):

The is elected by the general council members in an election and or selection process in its Annual General Meeting for a period of  3 years term. The Executive Council is consisting of 7 members and headed by a president. The executive Council is responsible for the overall management aspect of the organization. The Executive Council prepares annual report as regards the overall performance of the organization and report to the General Council members. The Executive council meets at least 3 times in a year. This council can meet on emergency basis at any time in the year as and when needed. The problems and issues as regards the ongoing program activities are discussed in this meeting and necessary recommendations are made to solve operational of the organization and project implementation.

Advisory Council (AC)

The advisory council is formed consisting 3 members; this AC provides necessary advices/counsel lings to the executive council in management, project implementation and fund-raising etc.

Affiliation & Co-operation:

Progressive has membership with the following networks:

  1. Chittagong hill Tracts Women organization Network foundation.
  2. Bangladesh NGO Foundation [BNF]
  3. Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
  4. Bangladesh Nari Progati Sanga [BNPS]
  5. Camping for popular Education [CAMPE]

Project Implementation Strategy:

In order to achieve the objective of the goal of the Organization as well as the project objective Progressive follows systematic strategy in the implementation process for its entire planned project. Commitment of the dedicated and skilled work force is treated as the key factor for the success of any of its projects. As such immediate after the recruitment of the project personnel, a project orientation session is organized where these recruited project personnel are provided with orientation as regards the target community.  They are motivated to work in the development project with a attitude of welfare for the target beneficiaries. In order to improve their professional skill in related field, the recruited staffs are also provided with training different development training instituted. Progressive maintains a strong chain of command in staff management for their respective position. As per the act of bylaw’s and Organogram a supervisory set up is defined and established. As such their respective supervisors supervise staff in different level and the reporting chain is maintained accordingly. The Executive Committee of the Organization handles the management aspect of the project by guiding the staff.

Reporting system:

Activity & progress Report: Data against all the activities undertaken for the implementation of the project are recorded on daily basis. In every month these daily basis data are compiled to prepare a monthly activity report. After every six-month, all the data are complied and a half yearly progress report is prepared for the overall target achievement of the project and the half yearly report is forwarded to the concerned authorities.

Financial Report:

Progressive prepares a monthly financial report (receipt and payment account) at the end of each month and at the end of the year the annual financial report is prepared which includes the financial balance sheet showing the total assets and liabilities of the organization. At the end of each year and on the completion of the project time frame all these reports are kept available for donor and government concerned authorities.


Progressive has a monitoring team consists of 3 members which monitors, supervises and follow up the development projects activities undertaken for revealing the gaps and redirect the undone the projects activities targeted to achieve. For monitoring purpose data are collected on monthly basis against the progress of planned activities and achievement of target and objectives. These data compiled in every three months and verified for the preparation of the monitoring report with its finding and recommendation. In every three months, the quarterly basis monitoring reports are prepared. The concerned project personnel responsible for any particular program are made responsible to strictly follow the recommendation as outlined in the monitoring report overcome the barriers against the project objectives.


Progressive’s Internal evaluation team consisting 3 members evolutes project activities during the implementation period; external and internal, qualitative and quantitative evaluation is conducted in each project activity The Internal evaluation is conducted by the organization’s formed evaluation team and the external evaluation is conducted as the instruction of the relevant donors/funding agencies as required.

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