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The success of Progressive and Organizational History – Progressive

The success of Progressive and Organizational History

Brief Description of Progressive

Progressive was registered under department of social service, Reg. No: Ranga-123/1999 and Women and Children Affairs Reg-2015.According to constitution of the organization, the poor, socially and economically deprived people in CHT region are target people.

What We Do?

We are working to make A society free from hunger, economically sound and gender sensitive.

What we Did?

Project Completed
Satisfied Clients
Experienced Staff
Awards Win

Contact person of the organization

Sucharita Chakma

Executive Director

Progressive, SK Building, Banarupa, Rangamati, Bangladesh.

Tel: 880-0351-61105

Mobile: 01556425846


Organizational Objectives

  • To help in preserving, nourishing and promoting indigenous peoples language, scripts, literature, folklore, history, art and culture.
  • To provide IGA training among the educated youths.
  • To create self-employment opportunities among the educated.
  • To raise awareness on community & household health and hygiene matters.
  • To ensure more participation and involvement of female sector in development and cultural activities.
  • To develop skill of hill people on local resource management and utilization.
  • To preserve and to protect natural bio-diversity and Eco-balance.
  • To undertake family planning programs to control over population of country.
  • To reduce waterborne diseases, malaria, mother and child mortality and drugs-abuse undertaking Health care and WATSAN programme.
  • To create income-generating activities involvement of female sector and developed their life status.

Thematic Areas of the organization

  1. Formal and non-formal education,
  2. Water & sanitation and Hygiene Promotion.
  3. Women and child development,
  4. Agriculture,
  5. Wetland and biodiversity conservation,
  6. Forestry, Reforestation,
  7. Technical training, Capacity building training
  8. Human right and RTI.
  9. Disaster relief,
  10. Poverty alleviation,
  11. Food production,
  12. Environment,
  13. Gender issues,
  14. Income generating program,
  15. Nutrition & Health care service program,
  16. Youth & Adolescent skill development etc.
  17. Social Mobilization

Area Coverage

            Districts Name of the Upazila Union
Rangamati Rangamati sadar Jibtali Magban Sapchari Kutukchari Bandukbhangya Balukhali
Naniarchar GilaChari Burighat Naniarchar Sadar
Kawakhali  Betbunia Ghagra Kalampoti Fatikchari
Rajstali  Gainda Ghilachari Bangalhaliya
Jurachari Jurachari Banagogichara Dumdumya Moydung
Kaptai Kaptai Oyagha Citmorong Raikhali Chandraghona
Baghai Chari Saroyatali Sajek khydermara marischa amtali rupakari
BhailaiChari   Faruya BhaliChari Sadar
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